As a mission oriented church, we have partnered with some other organizations.



Website: PorchdeSalomon

The UCC in Crested Butte is partnering with Porch de Salomon (Solomon’s Porch) in Panajachel, Guatemala, a village on the lovely volcanic banks of Atitlan Lake, 3½ hours southwest of Guatemala City. Lloyd and Melanie Monroe have a mission of music, medicine and building to help the people in the area in keeping with their mission statement of “to serve the least, the last and the lost”.

Seven of us traveled there in the fall of 2014 to learn more about the mission and to assist with the building of a new dwelling. It was a wonderful, enriching experience as we came to know and love these beautiful people

We will continue to support Solomon’s Porch and are planning a future trip, so if you are interested, please contact Kelly Jo via phone at (970) 209-1613 or send email.

Some pictures from the 2014 trip:

porch_2014_6s porch_2014_5s porch_2014_4s porch_2014_3s porch_2014_2s porch_2014_1s


Beyond Borders works to end Restavek, a modern form of slavery affecting 250,000 Haitian children.  The organization addresses the root causes of child slavery – extreme poverty, lack of schools in rural communities, and social acceptance of child slavery.  Their work strives first to change the attitudes and beliefs about restavek, and, second, to act to stop it.  Recent donations have allowed Beyond Borders to fully fund 25 schools in villages where children are especially vulnerable to becoming enslaved.

In April 2012 a group from UCC spent a week with Beyond Borders in Haiti, including homestays with remarkable people in the mountain village of Meno.
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Habitat for Humanity of Gunnison Valley is the local branch of the international organization, Habitat for Humanity. The goal of Habitat for Humanity is to serve our local community by providing affordable home ownership opportunities to individuals and families in need of simple, decent shelter.

Union congregational Church has been a partner with Habitat since its local founding in 1998. Since then UCC has helped build 7 single family homes, 2 town houses, and 2 duplexes in the Gunnison and Crested Butte communities. Our members have donated their time and experience to make each of the properties a home for over 21 families.

For more information log on to: http://www.hfhgunnisonvalley.org


Six Points Evaluation and Training, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization serving developmentally disabled adults in Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties.  Six Points provides a variety of services based on each individual client’s needs. Six Points is also home to the Thrift Store, which was established to provide a community based work environment for clients and individuals requiring employment assistance.

Six Points provides education, training, assistance and support to all adults with special needs and their families in Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties, such that these individuals reach their highest functioning levels and become integrated into our society as independent, productive, contributing citizens. Further, the mission is to advocate for these individuals and increase the awareness of all residents concerning the special needs of the disabled in our community.

In Six Points’ ideal world, all of those with special needs will be fully integrated and respected in the community. The business of meeting their needs will be self-sustaining and the entire community will support this vision.

Union Congregational Church has embraced this vision for over 10 years by assisting in fundraising and integrating the SixPoints clients in our community by having picnics, float trips on local rivers, evening at the Gunnison Observatory, and welcoming them to our church services. We also give individual assistance and support to clients as needed.

For more information log on to: http://sixpointsgunnison.org

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