Paradise Place Mission

Nurture and educate Crested Butte children and their families.

Paradise Place Preschool is the Mission/Outreach effort of UCC that is perhaps closest to the hearts of our congregation, and certainly closest physically to UCC. It is right across the street.

Paradise Place works on behalf of the Crested Butte community in to nurture and educate children and their families. The school provides four classes (ages 1, 2, 3, 4, years) and has 50 children enrolled this year. There are five fully-certified preschool teachers and four assistant teachers employed at Paradise Place, and the preschool is accredited by Colorado Shines/Qualistar Colorado.

This preschool was started in the back room of UCC in 1988. Through the generosity and hard work of UCC members, the school moved to its new building on land owned by UCC in 2001.

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