Six Points Mission

Serving developmentally disabled adults in Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties

Six Points Evaluation and Training, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization serving developmentally disabled adults in Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties. Six Points provides a variety of services based on each individual client’s needs. Six Points is also home to the Thrift Store, which was established to provide a community based work environment for clients and individuals requiring employment assistance. 

Six Points provides education, training, assistance and support to all adults with special needs and their families in Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties, such that these individuals reach their highest functioning levels and become integrated into our society as independent, productive, contributing citizens.

In Six Points’ ideal world, all of those with special needs will be fully integrated and respected in the community. The business of meeting their needs will be self-sustaining and the entire community will support this vision.

Union Congregational Church has embraced this vision for over 10 years by assisting in fundraising and integrating the Six Points clients in our community by having picnics, float trips on local rivers, evening at the Gunnison Observatory, helping with special events, and welcoming them to our church services. We also give individual assistance and support to clients as needed.

Volunteers are an integral part of the Six Points operations. Help is needed regularly in processing donations, data entry, cleaning and maintenance and more. With advance notice and approval from the Six Points’ staff, volunteers may also work on special projects with the Six Points clients.

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